Welcome to UseLess Beauty!

This site is for all the realists out there that want to make their skin and hair care routine more eco-friendly but need a product to be effective, convenient and affordable before switching from their existing brand(s).


UseLess Beauty will trial sustainable and ethical skin and hair care products, highlight aspects of your beauty regime where waste can be reduced or eliminated and provide information on key sustainability topics.

Why hair and skin care?

If each of us make small changes to make our beauty regimes more sustainable, together we can make a huge difference. Take a minute to think about how much plastic is in your bathroom......and that's just the start!

Whats stopping you?

Understanding what makes a product, and the company that produces it, sustainable is a minefield because there are so many facets to sustainability. Add to this that many less ethical organisations are guilty of "green washing" their advertising and its easy to become confused.

This is before you even start thinking about how well the product will work, making sure it is easy to use and whether it is value for money.

If that sounds like too much hassle (and I don't blame you), sit back, relax and let UseLess Beauty do the hard work for you!

What is UseLess Beauty?

UseLess Beauty is here to do the hard work for you. Let UseLess Beauty do the research into the sustainability credentials of hair and skin care products and put them to the test for you. Each product will be reviewed against UseLess Logic to ensure it is sustainable as well as effective, easy to use and value for money.

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